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Benefits Of Roller Window Shades

When you’re ready to consider new window treatments in your home, there are countless styles, designs, and materials available, making it tough to decide. However, some of the most popular window design solutions right now are roller window shades. If you’re unfamiliar with how stunning these treatments can be for your spaces, keep reading. We’ll highlight all the benefits of roller window shades to help make your new window treatment decisions easier, and you might decide that roller window shades are the perfect addition to your space.

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1) Light Control & UV Protection

Homeowners love roller window shades for their efficient control of light. Effortlessly block those harmful UV rays from entering your space. This allows you to protect your home décor, furnishings, and flooring from fading or discoloration due to prolonged sun exposure. But what makes these shades different is their ability to block the sun’s harmful rays without completely restricting light. .

2) Easy to Clean & Maintain

Most roller window shades only require occasional spot cleaning, and no complicated cleaning instructions are needed – mild detergent and water will do. This is far easier than the tedious dusting and row-by-row cleaning efforts needed for traditional blinds. It’s the hassle-free maintenance that makes these shades popular choices among today’s homeowners.

3) Incredible Privacy Where You Want It

Some shades just cover your windows. However, roller window shades actually shield the view, providing must-have privacy where you want it without necessarily blocking out the natural light altogether. This kind of privacy option as part of your window treatments can enhance your sense of security, too. When you’re looking for a window treatment that doesn’t restrict the flow of natural light but still offers must-have privacy, roller window shades are a great choice.

4) A More Durable Window Treatment

In addition to the easy cleaning, choose roller window shades because they’re a more durable window treatment. They’re typically made of sturdy steel tubes and high-quality fabrics, capable of withstanding daily use. They’re equally efficient to install and with motorized mechanism, you can avoid overuse or heavy-handed use with manual operation.

5) Energy Efficient Advantages

Choosing the best-fit materials for your window coverings matters, especially if you want to have control over indoor temperatures. The right shades can effectively keep the heat out during the summer and trap warm, comfortable air inside when it gets chilly. This kind of temperature control with roller window shades can lead to reduced energy consumption and much lower utility bills. And it’s just another reason why so many homeowners choose to install roller window shades.

6) Great Customization Options

Another benefit of selecting roller window shades is variety. These shades offer a simplistic design but come in a host of fabric options and color palettes. Whether you’re looking to complement a modern chic room design or want something more eclectic or traditional, you can find a roller window shade to fit perfectly. Adding to their appeal, these shades are completely customizable in size and shape, making them ideal for optimal window coverage.

7) Alternative to Bulky Window Treatments

Roller shades are compact by design, making them a great choice for small spaces. Traditional bulky window treatments can make rooms feel smaller, while roller window shades offer simplistic window coverings without taking up space in the room. So, if you’re outfitting an apartment or treating windows in small rooms, roller shades are definitely the way to go.

8) Safe for Children & Pets

When you outfit your windows with roller window shades, you can enjoy an added safety component. Traditional curtains and blinds will come with dangling cords, which can be risky for small children or pets in the home. But with roller window shades, you can go cordless or motorized, eliminating the cords altogether.

9) Ideal for Homes, Rentals &Commercial Spaces

Another advantage that roller window shades have over other window treatment options is versatility. They’re brilliant additions to any home or living space. But they’re additionally ideal for creating clean-looking aesthetics in hotels, offices, and commercial spaces.

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FAQs About How to Choose the Right Roller Window Shades for Your Space

Take the guesswork out of choosing your new window treatments when you explore these FAQs and answers about roller window shades.

How do I measure for roller window shade installation?

Trust your window shade installation company (like Prestige Blinds) to help you with your measurements. Typically, you’ll obtain measurements for the depth of your window, along with the width and height.

What color options are available for window shades?

Roller window shades come in a wide variety of colors and materials. Choose fabric, vinyl, bamboo, paper, or aluminum, each presenting unique color palettes. Most homeowners choose lighter shades of white, off-white, cream, and beige. But you can go vibrant with browns, grays, reds, and blacks, as well.

How long do roller window shades last?

Assuming you’ll use your roller window shades as directed and take the necessary steps to keep them clean and operational, most roller window shades can last eight to ten years.

What’s the difference between roller shades and roller blinds?

Roller blinds are more rigid window treatments, usually made of horizontal slats that tilt to control light and temperature. Roller shades, however, are made from fabric and designed to open and close vertically.

Let Prestige Blinds Help You Choose, Measure & Install Your Roller Window Shades

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Let’s make your windows a part of your space, blending the window treatments with your style and design preferences.

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