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When it comes to window treatments, it can be hard to decide which ones are the best fit, however, despite the many options, few can match the versatility of Roman shades. Whether you’re looking to upgrade existing window treatments or install brand-new ones, Prestige Blinds offers unbeatable professionalism and customization. Along with the specialized features of Roman shades, we also offer same-day installation and a variety of options ranging from blinds and shutters to panel track shutters.

With years of experience, we know the difference the right window treatments can make for you.

What are Roman Shades?

The concept of the Roman shades began during the construction of the Colosseum. To keep the dust and debris out of homes and shops, damp cloths were hung over the windows. Once construction was complete, the first Roman shade was designed as an extendable awning to shield Colosseum audiences from the sun.

Of course, design concepts have evolved for the better since then, but the concept is the same: versatility, practicality, and beauty. Roman shades are soft window treatments, usually featuring pleated material, that gradually fold as they are raised or lowered. We’ll go over the customization options later, but the main difference for each style is the type of fabric that folds the shade display.

Types of Roman Shades

The first thing to understand about modern Roman shades is that they have two overall purposes:

  1. Functionality
  2. Aesthetics

Just like the origins of the Roman shade, they’re still used for their extreme levels of functionality. Designed to be an effortless window treatment, the practicality offers privacy with a customizable style. They come with a variety of customizable options which is another reason they’re still so well loved.

Speaking of customizations, part of what made the Roman shade one of the first household trends centuries ago was that they could be created from many different types and prints of fabric. It’s still one of the leading reasons Roman shades are loved the world over and today they come in many different variations to choose from.



This type of Roman shade features, you guessed it — a flat bottom. When this type of shade is fully retracted, it creates a clean, neat stack of fabric with a flat edge. Because of its contemporary and customizable design, it is one of the most popular choices for window treatments.


Cascade shades are what come to mind most often when thinking of Roman shades. The cascade design features classic fabric pleats that gather when they are adjusted up or down, creating a functional, gorgeous waterfall-type look.


Pleated shades feature sewn-in pleats every few inches along the length and width of the fabric. The result is an accordion-like shape. In fact, pleated Roman shades are often referred to as accordion shades or accordion blinds.


Similar to the cascade style shade, but without the extra fabric bulk. Aventura shades are designed to give a clean, precise look and they feature a horizontal line sewn into the fabric. With the customizations available for these window treatments, the Aventura style can become a motorized Roman shade, featuring translucent fabric for a natural sunlight glow, or solar fabrics that create a blackout feel.


Unlike the others so far, this style creates a slight drape in the middle rather than a flat bottom, thus the “relaxed” name. Similar to a balloon shade, the relaxed style features inverted pleats that create a drape in along the bottom with straight edges along the sides, providing an elegant pop of softness in any space. This style is perfect for spaces that need a little warmth or for those spaces you want to showcase.


Tulip Roman shades are the closest to the original design. Like the relaxed style, the tulip creates a soft drape at the bottom with inverted pleats. However, while the relaxed style maintains a straight edge, the tulip features fabric gathered sides. The end result is a gorgeous, customizable shade with an outline that mimics the shape of the top of a tulip in bloom. Depending on the fabric you choose for your motorized Roman shades, the tulip style can feature more or less of a drape.

Motorized Roman Shades

While technically, motorized shades are not a “type” like the others on this list are, it’s worth mentioning as an available option. Unlike traditional blinds or shades, motorized Roman shades don’t rely on a manually operated string to raise or lower them. Instead, they have a tube at the top (invisible, of course) that lifts the shade up via battery-powered motor, DC adaptor, hardwire electrical, or solar power. Again, customizable and convenient. The motorized Roman shade options are perfect for climates like South Florida where you may find yourself constantly adjusting the shades.


Benefits of Roman Shades

Here are the primary benefits of Roman shades and why they’re a popular choice for homeowners.

As we’ve mentioned, Roman shades are completely customizable from the type and shape to the color and fabric style.

Although we only mentioned it in the Aventura style, most styles are available in solar and UV filtering fabric. However, even for the shades that don’t use those types of materials, you’ll still enjoy better temperature control compared to other types of window treatments.

Aside from the versatile nature of the various styles, one of the best features of Roman shades is they work in any room with any purpose and can be created to align with any type of aesthetic. So whether you’re looking for sleek, stylish shades for your minimalist and professional office or seeking to add a vibrant pop of color to your living room at home, these window treatments will work beautifully.

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